VERA Diwang Collection

Diwang means "to celebrate" in Filipino, and this aptly-named collection takes its inspiration from the dazzling and colourful festivals celebrated all over the Philippines. The Diwang Collection is created by the Anthill Fabric Gallery, a social business that aims to preserve Philippine weaving traditions by rendering handloomed fabrics into contemporary designs. 

In keeping with their zero-waste philosophy, Anthill collaborated with accessory label SEPA to design earrings out of fabric scraps. The signature cloth beads of the Diwang Collection are made by Anthill's partner, the Paglaum Training International, that provides employment skills to out-of-school youth.

And speaking of celebrations, we're showcasing the Diwang Collection at our first-ever Fashion Hotel. (Incidentally, the premium clothing line of our showroom partner Our. is also made by the Anthill Fabric Gallery!)

VERA Diwang Collection VERA Diwang Collection

VERA Diwang Collection