VERA x Susanne Verallo

Susanne Verallo

What VERA loves about Susanne: "Eye-catching geometric patterns, laid out with precision and attention to detail, reveal Susanne's strong design background and her close relationship with master artisans. You'll never look at shell jewelry the same way again."

Milano-trained designer Susanne Verallo takes creative inspiration from the rich culture of the Philippines and the glamour of Italy's fashion capital. Her eponymous accessory label aims to take Filipino craftsmanship to the forefront with bold and daring creations that are built on heritage, but with a modern and mindful twist. Susanne's Amica Collection celebrates a popular local material, the shell, but thoughtfully sources it from the overruns of the furniture and fashion industries. With reclaimed and repurposed shell, Susanne is enhancing the value of a natural, limited and beautiful resource. It's a tale of sea, style and sustainability.