VERA x Silnag


What VERA loves about Silnag: "Visually arresting handmade pieces that are all about eco-sophistication. Strong accessories for strong women. No need to blow your horn. Silnag's finely-crafted jewelry will do it for you."

In the Ilocano dialect widely spoken in the northern part of the Philippines, "silnag" denotes the rays of the sun. The connection to nature is deeply engrained in the brand's creative director and designer Nida Danao who proudly hails from the highlands of the Igorot people. The Philippine water buffalo, the carabao, holds a special place in Nida's community and its horns are displayed in homes as a symbol of wealth. Today, together with her husband John, she has made Silnag a byword for premium carabao horn jewelry.

Despite lacking a fashion background (she trained as a teacher!), Nida designs modern sculptural pieces with an organic and earthy quality. Her team of artisans are highly skilled in the craft of horn cutting and shaping, a meticulous process Silnag continues to do by hand. In a great example of fashion upcycling, the all-natural materials of Silnag's jewelry are sourced from the food and farm trade. Silnag radiates the energy and dynamism of Filipino designer-entrepreneurs who are committed to craftsmanship and sustainability.
(Designer photo rights: Walter Bollozos for the Philippine Star.)