Bolita Signet Ring

Natalya Lagdameo

This festive Bolita Signet ring brings the fiesta to your fingertips. Bolita (literally, "small ball") is a figure of abundance and prosperity. The Bolita Signet ring features a large round ball on the center and tiny balls on each side. The exquisite ring is made of 22 carat gold-plated brass.

The Bolita Signet ring is part of Natalya Lagdameo's handmade collection, crafted by Ifugao artisans from the Philippines' northern region of the Cordilleras. Each piece is unique in its markings and imperfections, owing to the traditional sand casting method used in the jewelry's production. 

Note: Gold-plated pieces may tarnish over time, but the warm and weathered patina adds to the character of this handmade ring.

Comes in US ring sizes 6, 7 and 8. Consult our Ring Size Guide


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