VERA Generosity Ring Collection

The Generosity Rings Collection

by Elena Bautista

Gift yourself or a loved one with a coloured stone that symbolises what you aspire for them - be it love or creativity or a lucky day. The Generosity Ring collection features five different stones in eye-catching colours and shapes, each with a kind and thoughtful wish for the wearer.

VERA Generosity Rings Collection

The yellow green peridot stone symbolises freedom, a release from emotional blockages and unwanted situations. The light pink tourmaline symbolises love and self-healing. The pale blue aquamarine is a good luck charm for travellers and symbolises courage to overcome fears. The purple amethyst is meant to bring clarity and calm, especially when dealing with the energy of change. The beige-toned citrine symbolises creativity, particularly for new beginnings and pursuits. 

VERA Generosity Rings Collection

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