March 15, 2019


In the autumn of 2018, I was approached by Zurich-based Tehran-born fashion designer Lida Noba as she was put together her latest collection. Lida was in search of a talented designer who could render her vision of intricate geometry and cut-glass mosaic accessories, inspired by Iranian artist Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian.

Intrigued, I researched through VERA's platform of designers and artisans for the right match. I understood Lida's desire to showcase artisans and promote craftsmanship in her latest collection. This was an excellent opportunity for a cultural fusion.

Cebu-based and Milano-trained jewelry designer Susanne Verallo was the perfect match. Susanne's designs, rendered on upcycled shell, works with distinctively clean and sharp lines and detailed in-lays of colour. Her eye for detail and dedication to her artisans made her a great fit.

A few introductions later through VERA, the Lida Noba x Susanne Verallo collaboration resulted in the Monir Collection of headpieces and earrings. In March 2019, the collection, along with Lida's latest fashion creations,  debuted at the doingfashion Graduate Show organised by the Institute of Fashion Design in Basel.

Lida Noba Monir Collection

Lida sees her designs in their final form for the first time, January 2019

"Monir" denotes light, brilliance and shine. A limited range of earrings and headpieces made of glass and shell inlays epitomise the glimmer and opulence of the collection.

Lida Noba x Susanne Verallo MONIR

Glass and shell mosaic earrings, done by hand by Filipino artisans working with Susanne Verallo, on designs by Lida Noba. Photo copyright: Lida Noba


I am so proud that VERA can be instrumental in connecting two brilliant young designers who are offering a new approach to fashion: collaborative, inclusive, culturally-driven and sustainable.  For a behind-the-scenes look on this accessory line, Susanne talks about the painstaking design and production process on her blog.  



May 19, 2019

SHOE HOTEL @ the FLAG: May 25

VERA VIPs get free priority access to May's biggest fashion event in Zurich!

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Designmarkt Frau Gerolds

May 11, 2019

DESIGNMARKT bei Frau Gerolds Garten: May 11, 18 & 19

We're launching our newest label Tala Workshop with its signature embroidery and indigo collections exclusively at the summer fair!

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May 03, 2019

Natural Weaves: Our Summer Collection Pop-Up on May 9&10

Join us as we launch our summer collection highlighting abaca and rattan, natural and sustainable materials that are a trademark of Philippine crafts. 



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